Ana Couper Ceramics

ANA COUPER has been fascinated with ceramics for over 30 years. As a child she worked in her grandmothers second hand shop which led to the love of pottery and the ceramic form.  Early Influences were, Crown Lynn, Temuka pottery, Christine Harris, Tony Sly and Morris & James.  Internationally she was inspired by Japanese and Chinese pottery,  as well as artists such as Lucie Rie, Shoji Hamada, and Gertrud NatzlerBy the time she was 19 she had her own Art Gallery.  In 1992 she moved to Japan for two years consecutively, where she was introduced to SATSUMA, the epiphany of pottery. After returning to NZ,  she became an Antiques and Antiquities trader, focussing on NZ & Asian porcelain ceramics. She finally made the move to making pottery in 1999 where she worked with the Taupo Arts Society. Wanting a better historical understanding of ceramics and commerce, she went back to University and studied Religions, with a major focus on Buddhism & Buddhist Art. Philosophies (Asian & Middle Eastern), International Politics (Peace & War), (including the illegal trade in Antiquities in Syria/Egypt) and International law. Concluding with a BA. PgDIP. MA from Otago University and the Prime Ministers Award for International Trade Law (Asia) in 2014, from Waikato University. In 2014 she left academia, and studied under Ross Baker (Crown Lynn Engineer) in Katikati, and then joined the Bethlehem Pottery Society (became a full time studio potter) in 2015.