Design Pilot

Leilani Tunnage is the daughter of an engineer and an artist, Leilani is a product of both parents.

Born in Blenheim and growing up in remote locations around Australia, she was sent to boarding school in Christchurch. After serving five years in the Royal New Zealand Airforce where she met her future husband, Justin, Leilani left to train as a Commercial helicopter pilot in Nelson, a skill she maintains through part time work.

Feeling the need to have a creative outlet for her artistic side, Leilani attended the Universal College of Learning in Palmerston North to complete a two year Diploma of Furniture Design and Making. Her aptitude for physics and engineering, further developed through her experiences as a pilot, meant Leilani could heavily invest this knowledge into her designs to further push the boundaries of what she could achieve with her art.

Now, settled in Auckland with her husband and loyal workshop apprentice/dogs, Moko and Pipi, she designs and makes furniture, instruments and any other timber items that take her or her clients fancy.