Gwyneth Hulse

Gwyneth Hulse Design is a boutique woodwork business in Kerikeri.  Our aim is to showcase the splendour of New Zealand through the beauty of native wood, worked into timeless objects.

The business is a family affair.  It combines the experience of a woodworking father (not to mention his workshed), husband Dave with a background in engineering and Gwyneth’s passion for design eras such as Bauhaus, De Stijl and Modernism.

All of Gwyneth hulse jewellery and homeware is handmade by Gwyneth and Dave from native New Zealand timber; Pūriri, Rimu, Kauri, Tōtara, and Pōhutukawa.  The designs are based on the modernist principles of simplicity, geometry and the celebration of natural materials.  Due to the unique nature of the wood and the handmade process, no two objects are alike.