Lisa West

"I once had a terrible dread of moths. I'd heard a story of a women whose ear was invaded by a hapless moth. She became increasingly hysterical as the moth wandered further into the ear canal, and the poor creature could only be dislodged when oil was poured into her ear. This was fatal for the moth of course. I could never sit in a well-lit room with the windows open after hearing that cautionary tale! The frantic fluttering of fat furred moths filled me with horror.
Living in the bush eventually inured me to such irrational fears. One cannot have a horror of insects in these surroundings.
I finally realized my phobia had evaporated when I moved to a new workshop. Everything felt strange and unfamiliar, but I was comforted to find a huge velvet- furred peacock moth resting in the perpetual twilight behind the toilet door.
Although it may seem that the patterns on my moths are the work of a fabulist, they have a basis in reality however fanciful at times. I haven't attempted to accurately recreate native insects in silver, stone and shell; I've tried to evoke them instead."