Richard MacDonald

Artist's Statement

"There has always been a compulsion within to create, and that compulsion
inevitably draws upon one's psyche, making its presence felt in
the bones of a work. Exhibiting that work is a little like laying one's soul
bare and putting it up for sale…you hope someone will 'get it' and
preferably want to take it home with them, but sometimes you just don't
want to let it go either.
My priorities in a work are these; to have an assertive composition and a
narrative element, be it obvious or not, and to have a delicacy in
its rendering. I believe one of the best ways to entice a viewer to engage
with a work is with the lure of beauty in some form. As a subject for
painting, birds are an obvious choice, given their attractiveness and
domination in our native fauna. Anything however which fascinates me
is fair game. Flight, faith, symbolism, surrealism, Kiwiana and a long time
fascination with the East Asian aesthetic. All these ingredients and
more find their way into the mix. Lately I've also found myself breaking free
from two dimensions and re-imagining the iconic Buzzy bee with
the same working philosophy. If I can make you ponder, smile, reinterpret,
laugh and see through my eyes momentarily then that's something"