Picture Framing

Helium Custom Picture Framing

Is your favorite image trapped on your phone or hard drive, or shut up in a cuboard?
Bring it to Helium in the heart of Rotorua City, and we can turn it into a beautifully framed showpiece ready to hang or display in your home or office.

At Helium we take framing seriously.
It’s about details, quality standards, and meeting our own high level of expectation.

Conservation Framing

Valuable or fragile artwork requires special handling and framing. We carry a variety of conservation materials including acid-free archival matting and UV-filtering museum glass. Our framer Neville is trained in up to date preservation techniques and can recommend the best materials to protect your artwork for years to come.
What We Frame

Here’s a few of the things we can frame:

Diplomas, Jerseys, Watercolors, Pastels, Antique Maps, Puzzles, Needlepoint, Rugs, Door Knobs, Tiles, Tea Bags, Wedding Dresses, Lace Hankies, Doilies, Lithographs, Kid Art, Buttons, Medals, Scout Badges, Acrylics, Oil Paintings, Wax Resin Paintings, Dried Flowers, Postage Stamps, Rock Posters, Vintage Posters, Wedding Photos, Fine Art Photography, Limited Edition Prints, Business Reports, Signage, Mirrors, Corkboards, Chalk Boards, Your Collection, Fossils, X-Rays, Cow Bells, Bottle Caps, Historic Documents, Autographs, Baseball Cards, Newspaper Articles, Magazines, Books, Awards, Certificates, Travel Photos, Baptism and Communion Memories, Baby Announcements, License Plates, Keys, Dog Collars, Locks of Hair, Vintage Toys, House Numbers, Car Engine Parts, Musical Instruments, Insects, Eye Glasses, Concert Tickets, Champagne corks, Quilts, Shadow Puppets, Announcements, Double Sided Paintings, Letters, Shooting Targets, Random bits of Dry Wall, Circuit Boards, Toy Cars, Calendars, Paintings by Elephants, Persian Carpets, Plasma TVs, Theater Programs, and much more.
Contact Us 
If you have any questions regarding your framing requirments or would like a quote, please call us on 07 3488794 or visit us at 1283 Tuitanekai Street, Rotorua