plastic free rotorua

Bag Ladies

Ever gone shopping, packed all your groceries into your reusable shoppers,
glanced down and still see a bag full of plastic? Unfortunately, there are still a
large number of plastic bags being used for fruit, vegetables and bulk produce.
Two lovely ladies from Rotorua decided enough was enough, sat down with a
cup of coffee and came up with the concept of reusable bags that could be
used for these items.

• We wanted them to be strong, and capable of a 5kg load, our large bag
comfortably does this.
• We wanted them to be eco-friendly and long lasting, so we created our
bags from unbleached calico and our packaging from recycled paper.
• We wanted our bags to be practical to use, so that from a super sized
spud to a petite pine nut, there is a bag that can be used. If your bags
start to look a bit grubby, you can give them a gentle wash, or they can
be folded and popped back into your shopping bag to use again.
• Bag Ladies reusable produce bags are proudly handmade right here in
Rotorua, New Zealand.

We are delighted with our product, and hope that you will give it a go and feel
the same as we do, you too are making a difference to the environment by
reducing the plastic you use.
Happy shopping, and remember ‘Ditch the Plastic and Feel Fantastic’!


Large bag measures 33cm by 40cm.

Medium bag measures 30cm by 32cm.

Small bag measures 21cm by 30cm.