Night Swim

Oil on Canvas 

“The power is with images”- David Hockney

My process is a vehicle, to search for originality and truth to self. It is pivotal in holding the image sacred. I use trance like states to free myself from the world around, and delve into the unconscious. This mimics the same process that prehistoric and shamanistic artists utilized when creating cave or rock paintings. The imagery is ideally produced from the embedded structure of the mind and not from historic or contemporary references. As a result, I am freed from any artifice and open to multiple visual outcomes.

Preparation of the unconscious mind is central to my process. Before I start painting, I perform a series of ritualistic actions in an effort to conjure belief in myself, my process and my ability to capture the enigma. When I paint, I believe in something.

Next I enter into a state of trance. This begins with meditation, this is in an effort to calm the conscious mind and access the unconscious. I deepen this state by employing other various trance inducing methods such as; playing music, sensory deprivation and using psychoactive compounds.

I generate the initial painterly impact in a blind manner. Literally, I paint in the dark from a set of pre-mixed colors, basing my marks and composition on internal forms generated from the trance-like state. Within the darken room I paint the imagery of my minds eye. This imagery can range from abstract forms to recognizable imagery. No judgment is made, no editing occurs.

After the initial impact, the evolution of the painting is natural and unrushed, the answers typically presenting themselves in moments of serendipity. Much time is spent in simple observation of the work. Once the concept reveals itself, I encourage its resolution in a synchronous and intuitive manner.