Ruth Baird Pohutukawa Pendant

Stunning Pendant based this most popular of New Zealand leaf shapes; the Pohutukawa

The coloured metal is titanium, which is shaped, coloured, textured 
and riveted onto a sterling silver backing.  

 Artists Statement

“I live in Titirangi in the Waitakere Ranges to the west of Auckland. My training in jewellery has been informal – I went to night classes but have learnt mainly by trial and error. I also owe a lot to the more technically proficient people I have worked with for the last twenty-something years. In my work, I use silver, titanium and niobium. Also gold and semi-precious stones. My main working methods are fabrication, cold –joining and the surfacing and colouring of the reactive metals. Lately I have been using a lot of fine wire – I crochet and weave with pure silver, niobium and enamelled wire.”

“I make jewellery partly because I find working with my hands satisfying and also because I enjoy creating objects which are beautiful and powerful and which touch other people. Recently I have noticed that I am also beginning to enjoy the solving of technical problems! Increasingly I find I am concerned with nature: its forms, processes and symbols.”